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Associate Professor Haibo Yu
BSc (USTC, China), Dr. sc. nat. (ETH Zürich, Switzerland)
hyu _at_
Trying to run the group ...

Dr Richmond Lee
BSc (NUS, Singapore), MSc (KAUST), PhD (ANU)
Vice Chancellor's Research Fellow, co-hosted with A/Prof Chris Hyland
richlee _at_
Computationally-Guided Catalysis for Molecular Design

Sandeep Inakollu
BSc (Rajiv Gandhi Univ of Health Sciences, India), MSc (NIPER, India)
PhD Student, co-supervised with A/Prof Adam Trevitt
vi244 _at_
Computational vibrational spectroscopic studies of bimolecular systems

Nehad Elsalamouny
BSc (Alexandria Univ, Egypt), PhD (Alexandria Univ, Egypt)
PhD Student, co-supervised with A/Prof Michael Kelso
nehade _at_
Medicinal chemistry studies into 6-substituted amiloride analogues as inhibitors of the human and murine urokinase plasminogen

Chris Dobie
BSc Hons (UOW)
PhD Student, co-supervised with A/Prof Danielle Skropeta
cd959 _at_
Development of Glycosyltransferase Inhibitors as a Novel Antimetastatic Strategy for Cancer Treatment

Thi Thuy Huong Ta
BSc and MSc (Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam)
PhD student, co-supervised with Prof Kiet Tieu and Dr Hongtao Zhu
ttht664 _at_
Quantum modelling of lubricant at interface in metal forming at high temperatures

Bradley Holland
Honours Student (International Bachelor of Science)
bh183 _at_
Computer simulations of electrolytes near the solid electrolyte interface in batteries

Danny Dang
Honours Student (Medical Biotechnology), co-supervised with A/Prof Aaron Oakley
dd050 _at_
Computer simulations of bacterial sliding clamps with inhibitors

Daniel McKnight
Honours Student (Medical Biotechnology), co-supervised with Prof Michael Kelso
dm968 _at_
Computer simulations of amiloride analogs as inhibitors of urokinase plasminogen activators

Sonja Frost
Honours Student (Chemistry), Primary supervisor A/Prof Chris Hyland
scf212 _at_
A Synthetic and Computational Investigation into the Reactivity of Cyclopropenes in the Presence of Mitsunobu Reagents to give Substituted Cyclobutenes