Thomas M. Griffiths
PhD Student 2012-2018
Atomistic insights into photoprotein formation: computational prediction of the properties of coelenterazine and oxygen binding in Obelin

Kela Xiao
PhD Student 2014-2018
Understanding the catalytic mechanism of selected glycoside hydrolases

Aislinn Turner
CHEM218 Student 2017/2018 Summer
Computational studies of luciferase light-emitting products: oxyluciferin and coelenteramide


Tiantian Jin
PhD Student 2012-2016
Investigation of lupane triterpene as a novel PTP1B allosteric inhibitor for the improvement of neurite outgrowth and synaptogenesis
Last known whereabouts: WuXi AppTec, China


Chris Dobie
Honours (International BSc) 2016
Rational Design of Selective Human Sialyltransferase Inhibitors
Last known whereabouts: PhD Student @ UOW


Phuong Nguyen
PhD Student 2012-2015
In silico drug discovery targeting Chikungunya virus
Last known whereabouts: University of Medicine and Pharmacy at Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Tim McEwan
SMAH Research Assistant 2015
Probing the interactions between the berberine derivatives and the human telomere G-quadruplex
Last known whereabouts: PhD Student @ UOW

Mahreen Arooj
Visitor 2015
Last known whereabouts: Curtin University


Andrew Montgomery
Honours (Medicinal Chemistry) 2014
Rational Design of Selective Inhibitors Targeting Human Sialyltransferases
Last known whereabouts: PhD Student @ UOW


Tran Thuy Lam
CHEM340 2013
Indentication of oxygen binding sites in obelin


Benjamin Holt
SCIE292 2012
QM/MM simulations of NMA in water
Last known whereabouts: Rothwell Figg IP Professionals, Washington, DC.

John Boban
SMAH Research Assistant 2012
Computer Simulations of Allostery in DNA


Brendan Wright
Honours (Nanotechnology) 2011
Development of a Polarisable Force Field for Nafion
Last known whereabouts: PhD Student @ UOW